Pho Rowland Restaurant

Pho Rowland Restaurant
18910 Gale Ave
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 810-8800

the very faded signage outside desparately needs to be replaced....

in case you miss the sign, look for the windows and you'll find the restaurant.

the basil, bean sprouts, jalapenos and limes were super fresh...which was great.

i ordered a small bowl of the rare beef and tendon. i went ahead and just mixed it up with the the fresh basil leaves that i ripped up, sriracha, hoisin, bean sprouts, jalapenos and a squeeze of lime.

the beef was extremely tender, the tendon was sliced up, but still required more cooking time...for me at least. i like it to be so tender that it sort of melts in your mouth, but i still had to chew on it a bit more which i don't like to do. the broth was nice...very simple...but not amazing. the noodles, well...i wish i could say they were awesome...but it lacked bite and bounce to it, and reminded me of the noodles i can buy in the market...which is never the same when you get it from a really great pho restaurant.

the serving portion was great, i felt like it was plentiful....the shape of the bowl is deceiving, it looks narrow and tall, but they had tons of noodles in it which is a plus for those of you looking for more quantity. the price was cheap, my meal was $6.10 and i gave them a $2 tip because i couldn't tip just a dollar. perhaps my tip will contribute to their new signage fund. =) hahaha

the restaurant has a B rating, the interior is very clean...but i of course was not in the kitchen. but my stomach feels fine and i don't have the sour stomach i get from lots of pho places, which i was told has to do with the msg used in the stock making this is a great sign! another plus for them.

i will be posting this on yelp too, but i would give this 3 stars. i'd go back if i'm wanting a hot bowl of pho...but this wasn't THE best pho i've had. Pho Vie in westminster is still number one to me. i will have to check out the other pho restaurants in my area.


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