oki doki - was just that...

Oki Doki
3033 Bristol St

Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 540-2066

oki doki is a vietnamese, chinese asian cuisine restaurant near south coast plaza and mitsuwa market.

many friends have been telling me about this place and how wonderful it is, so i was totally excited to try it.  i picked up my sister from john wayne and was in dire need of something yummy, so i thought, hey!  let's go check out oki doki before we ahead further into orange county. 

i wanted something light, so susan and i both ordered the bun with bbq beef and egg rolls.

let me start by saying, this big bowl of food was only $5.00.  i think that's pretty damn good for $5 bucks!  but let me get more serious about what i thought of the food itself.  i wasn't crazy about the bbq beef at all.  it was red, which reminded me of chinese bbq pork, and the flavor was ok and the meat itself was a bit tough.  when i think of bbq beef, i think, grilled meat, (brown) and i'm looking more for that grilled taste.  the noodles were ok...not the greatest, they were actually a bit soggy...more than both susan and i liked. 

the highlight of this dish was definitely the egg roll.  it was plump and flavorful.  crispy on the outside and just filled with deliciously seasoned ground pork and i really liked it. 

i would still like to go back and check out the rest of the menu. 

there was one little incident that happened that i want to talk about.  so, we sat down, ordered our meal off the menu and looked up to see a chalkboard.  on it we saw tan tan noodles!  and that made us totally excited, so i got up to ask the waitress if we could get a tan tan noodle and cancel one bun, but since she had already placed the order i said, don't worry, keep the two buns and add on the tan tan noodles. after a few minutes, the manager came over and was asking us what we ordered and i told him the 2 buns and the tan tan noodles.  and he seemed confused about our order...which i thought was pretty straight forward.  then i pointed to the chalk board and said tan tan noodles?  and he then explained that that was only for dinner and the lunch chefs didn't know how to make it.  so of course, we didn't get it.  the waitress seemed entirely confused and clueless about the other menu.

so my advice to them would be to make sure their entire waitstaff is aware of the fact that there are two different menus and to let patrons know that for lunch they are only able to order off the menu given to them so there is no confusion for anyone in the future.

for value, i would give them a high rating, you definitely get plenty of food for the money you pay, but for the actual food based just on the bun, not so high.  like a 2.5 at this point because it was just ok.   so to my dear friends who love this place, i am sorry...but perhaps they were just having an off day, but overall, i have to keep it real and tell you what i honestly thought. 

one of my friends cyndie, said that i should go with her because she knows all the dishes to get, so i would still like to go back in the future to see what those specific dishes are and give this place a much better rating.


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