no. 1 noodle house

No. 1 Noodle House
18180 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 839-7093

located in the Yes plaza on the corner of colima and fullerton, tucked away in the corner, near a shop named cue.

if you can see, they are open from 11:30 - 9:30 seven days a week, but they take a break and close everyday between 3 and 5 pm. 

the menu is very simple, there are only 8 items to choose from.  unless there is some secret menu to choose from...thats in chinese that i don't know about.  which i fact, i think there was something else on the wall in chinese...but you should ask what else they have available.

if you are looking for whole in the walls, you've found one in no. 1 noodle house.  when we walked in, there was a pile of dirty dishes on what looked like a deep freezer.  not a small pile either.  i would've taken a picture, but i didn't want them to take offense.  lol  i should've just taken it slyly, but one of the chefs was sitting right there eating his lunch.

ok, so i went with my dad and my sister's...and thankfully, my dad read chinese. so he could tell us in better detail what some of the items were.

now, i just read on yelp that for a $1 more you can get bigger portions!  man!  if only i had read that freaking post earlier!  so anyhow...we each ordered something different so we could each get a taste of half of the menu items. 

my dad got the chicken noodle it has a chinese name, and already i have forgotten what it was and the meaning...but sufficed to say, i think this was a really nice soup noodle.

this soup base was excellent.  it tasted like home made chicken broth, clean and simple, with a little ginger and garlic.  it was light and easy to drink...if i were ever sick and couldn't make my own chicken broth, i'd come here and get theirs.  very nice. 

they had big chunks of chicken, which were good, not fabulous.  some veggies.  the noodles seemed to be fresh noodles and had a nice bite to them.  overall, from what i had, i would get this next time when i'm in the mood for something light.

my sister ordered the "don don" noodles. 

now don't let this picture fool you, this was a very small bowl of noodles. as i mentioned earlier, you can upgrade to the large bowl for $1 more per another yelpers advice. so i would do that. this was really flavorful and not overly peanutty to me. i liked the cream texture it had with the little bits of peanuts in there. you can tell them how spicy you want it...but i really enjoyed the mouthful of this dish.

my other sister ordered the cold bean noodles

as you can see, not much to eat.  i can see where it could be cool and refreshing, but it really lacks substance.  perhaps cold shredded chicken and some cucumbers would make this dish that much more enjoyable.  it was ok, and i would personally never order this dish.

i got the szechwan cold noodles, spicy

the portion was actually just right for me, plus i was snacking on everyone else's dishes.  i would like to see more cucumber in here.  it was super garlicky and fragrant.  this was a really great dish and i would definitely get this again and again and again.  BUT!  eaters beware, you will have some seriously hummin' garlic breath when you are done.  but in my humble opinion, this is worth it.  the noodles were wonderful, again, i felt like they were fresh noodles, had great bite to it, just the perfect amount of "bounce".  great dish. 

i will make one notation...after eating here, my stomach was really upset, and i don't know if it was the spices or the fact that i licked the chicken soup bowl while drinking the soup.  i will never know the truth until i try it again...but i was the only one who had any it could've been the spicy noodles afterall. 

there is also a tea house in the same section, and they have excellent milk tea and tons of snacks which i have yet to try.  but i loved their milk tea...

afterwards, you can go play in that asian arcade with that "claw" game and win lots of cute little toys!

this was a great afternoon with family and good food. 


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