some of my food...

slow roasted grape tomatoes with sweet caramelized onions,
parmigiano reggiano and monterey jack cheese on
puff pastry

this is something that we make in a variety of shapes for cocktail parties...i love this little mouthful of deliciousness just bursting with flavors. the grape tomatoes are so concentrated with flavor, almost having a little tartness, then combined with the caramelized onions (which i cooked for about 2 hours) making it so sweet and just an amazing combination with the tartness of the tomatoes, then a hint of nuttiness from the parmigiano reggiano and then the creaminess from the monterey jack...finally the crisp buttery texture of the puff seriously is this explosion of flavors and textures...i love this hors d'oeuvres.

spiced tomato basil angel hair pasta
with parmigiano reggiano

this is one of my all time favorite is so light and yummy, i get a kick of spice from the crushed red pepper i put in from the beginning. the thing i love about this dish is that you can either eat it hot or as a cold pasta salad. i enjoy using fresh roma tomatoes, lots of garlic, tons of fresh basil and plenty of parmigiano reggiano.

roasted chicken with mexican spices,
crema, salsa and thai chili
on home made tortilla crisp

another little cocktail hors d' oeuvres, i believe it is pretty self explanatory...those who love mexican food, this is such a great little snack. though this is a two biter...i think its totally worth it!

chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting

i love the spikes...i was inspired by seeing a lightbulb covered in silicone over 15 years ago...and i just wanted to put that inspiration into my food. cupcakes are so fun and i always like to see things made in a more fun and unique way. this is how i like to make mine!


  1. you go girl! your pics are beautiful. and i can hear your voice in all of the descriptions. love it!! welcome to the world of blogging - so addicting. sorry for not calling yesterday. so busy. miss you. ttys

  2. OK, are you going to post a recipe for that pasta dish?!

  3. thank you kate! no worries at all...i know you were busy! i'm sorry i missed your call!! i will give you a call tomorrow. yes...i need a videographer to join me on my eating expeditions! miss you too!! ttys

    karen...i don't measure anything...but i can give you all the ingredients and approximations...would that work?

  4. Way to make a full guy hungry Doreen! ;)

  5. hehe! anytime clement!! let me know when you come out to l.a. again! we should have a potluck! i'd love to meet c.j.!


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