dinner at garden cafe

man...i'm not sure how much anyone really wants to read about what i eat...but i 'm just going to write about it. haha i'm warning you all now...there i times when i'm eating, constantly...remember, its my very obsessive desire to eat...all the time. =) i can't help it!

ok, so i was already starving when i left orange county, headed back to walnut, and by the time i reached monrovia, i was freaking starving and was in serious need of sustenance to boost my energy level up. (those of you who know me, i am like a zombie when i am hungry...its not very pretty) i'm never quite sure where to go sometimes, and being in a heavily asian populated area, i decided on a staple, garden cafe. simple, cheap and easy. some of you may have already about oxtail stew...but its what i ate, so i'm writing about it. i also got the deep fried chicken wings in x.o. sauce, it was supposed to be spicy.

garden cafe
850 S Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 446-0688

i had a choice of either the oxtail vegetable soup or the cream soup with bits of corn and ham. nothing incredibly special...i always have to add lots of white pepper and salt, but i bust open the bag of zesta crackers and just start eating. again, nothing super special...but i'm used to it.

strangely, my appetizer of x.o. chicken wings still hasn't arrived, but my big bowl of oxtail stew braised in red wine has arrived. oh mama! i love how the sauce is kind of think and you can see the little bits of oil glistening in the sunlight! little rounds of carrots sitting so sweetly in the sauce, just waiting for me to eat them. i can't wait! i have plate of white steamed rice, waiting for all the delicious sauce to be poured on top and mixed together so that each grain is fully engulfed. i love the little pieces of oxtail much better than the giant pieces, because the are much more tender and i enjoy putting the whole bone in my mouth and sucking it clean! i just dig in and use my fingers, and i love that it makes my fingers all sticky and yummy! omg...that's the best thing...because you know that the tendons and all the stuff that is normally inedible has completely broken down, creating that delicious stickiness. ok...so i thoroughly enjoyed it to say the least.

finally my chicken wings arrived...there were some massive little wings! the drumettes looked like they were on steroids! i have to give them props on the large wings! but i was totally disappointed...though it was perfectly crispy and hot, it lacked flavor. i couldn't taste any sauce and it was not spicy in any way shape or form. i was really sad...i finally asked for some teriyaki sauce because i was so bummed...when the waiter brought out the sauce he asked what was wrong with it and i told him that it lacked any flavor and wasn't even spicy...so he took it back and had them add more sauce...though i appreciate the effort...it was still lack luster in flavor. sufficed to say, i will never order those wings again.

overall....loved my oxtail. then went back to my friend liza's and had 2 giant scoops of fosselman's dutch chocolate ice cream! ok...now...this place has been around forever, its not the creamiest, fattiest ice cream, but i just like the fact that its a nice mild chocolate flavor and the nostalgic feeling it evokes in me. if any of you get a chance to go down there...you have to check out their blueberry ice cream! its sooooo good!

fosselman's ice cream
1824 W Main St
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 282-6533

i'm actually hungry again...i'm going to go look for a snack. good night and thanks for reading!


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