cafeteria dining: nordstrom's cafe @ the shops in mission viejo

so, yesterday, i ate...a lot.  first i had lunch with my sister, we were at the mall in mission viejo, and we didn't have a lot of time, so we just ate at the nordstrom's cafe.  i thought it was a sit down cafe, but soon realized it was like a cafeteria!  ok...that's fine. (i have nothing against cafeterias and actually don't mind if the food is good!)  my sister and i, along with 50 other hungry women (slight exaggeration) stood in line with our trays awaiting our turn to place our order. 

i'm going to take a moment and just complain about the set up and how annoying it is when you have no idea what food is available to you in the middle and end of the line...until you get there.  why can't they put up a menu board so we have an opportunity to study it and decide what we might want to eat?  i felt so much pressure to order when it was my turn finally, but i didn't have a clear idea of everything they had to offer.  so when the guy asked me what i liked, i was totally stressed out and didn't want to hold up the line so i tried to look quickly down towards the end of the line and screamed out mushroom ravioli! i the only person who thinks that is the lamest thing?!  anyhow...i don't think that's very smart to not give your patrons any idea of what they can order.  don't worry, i'm going to say something on yelp about this!  muahahahah  =)

so as i mentioned above, i finally decided on the wild mushroom ravioli and a side of caesar salad.  you was so whatevers, that i am totally uninspired to even write about it.  it was very creamy and heavy and i'm referring to both the pasta and salad.  one thing that i found quite amusing and ridiculous at the same time was when i ordered my salad, the salad girl got a handful of salad and threw it in the bowl, but had ONE piece of romaine left in her hand, and instead of putting it in the bowl to mix, she threw it back in the fridge.  ONE piece!  wtf!  let me ask you, do you think that ONE piece will really make that big of a difference?  she wasted more time by putting that piece away vs. just throwing it in the bowl.  that was funny to me.  but oh well...

my sister got the chicken florentine sandwich which she really enjoyed along with a bowl of tomato basil salad.  i didn't try it...but i'm glad she liked it.  so if anyone decides to grab lunch there, pray that the special chicken florentine sandwich is being served that day. 

question, do you ever eat, just to eat, knowing its not great, but you're hungry so you just eat it all.  well, i was porky pig and ate all my ravioli and salad and let me tell you, that food sat in my stomach FOREVER!  it was like cement.  i thought...good Lord! i hope i can digest this in time for dinner!  which i was totally looking forward to. 

but i will give them this...the service they gave was like being in a restaurant, the "servers" who brought out our food were all very nice and courteous and in fact, i think they gave better service than many sit down restaurants i've been too...and i appreciated their quickness and attention to detail.  at the end of our meal, they gave us each a little chocolate mint stick...what a nice touch!  but overall, it felt like this was a waste of $16.00, but the $2 for tip was worth it because those guys worked really hard.

dinner is coming up shortly! 


  1. Hi Doreen,
    I know what you mean about waiting in line to see what is available, but then, not given enough time to choose from the menu. Yesterday, I actually knew what I wanted at Einstein's Bagels. However, my wait to get to the order taker was so long that I began to panic when I finally approached her. I felt that, although I was at the head of the line that I was preventing patrons from behind me attaining their "food enlightenment." Technically called QSRs...they still have the miasma of "fast food." Patty


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