the art of the sandwich

i'm a huge fan of sandwiches!!! i love them! there are so many ways in which you can make the perfect sandwich...and for me its all about balance...of flavors, ratio of meat to bread, the perfect amount of mayo and sometimes lots of mustard or just a hint of it...or maybe its mixed in with the mayo so that the mustard doesn't over power any of the other flavors. it really just depends on the meat and what you are making. and TEXTURE! one of THE most important things to me when eating, which i failed to bring up last night when talking about my having the crunch while still having the elements of creaminess...but anyhow. moving on.

today...i made a very simple ham and cheese sandwich. i typically like going to the deli and getting my meats sliced super thin so i can "pile" it on my bread, i like to fold it and create depth with the meat. i live in walnut, and the selection of foods at the markets here is very limited, so with that said, my ingredients are very simple and to the point. i used ice berg lettuce, which i removed the butt and washed and since i don't have my lettuce container here, i put it in a ziplock bag so that it would be nice and crisp for me today. i have orowheats country buttermilk bread, very thinly sliced red onions, i used a medium cheddar, but with ham...havarti would be so good too, but whatever cheese you like and of course, mayo and a little mustard just to enhance the onions and bring out a bit of the vinegary "bite" that mustard gives. (the tomatoes really sucked at the market so i didn't get any, avocadoes are also one of my yummy toppers i like to add to certain sandwiches) i toast my bread, again, texture...i like a little crunch, but not too toasted that it rips up the top of your mouth. you when you used to eat captain crunch as a kid...its so good as you're eating it, but by the time your time, the roof of your mouth is all torn up! WTF?! and sometimes certain breads are just too sucks! anyhow....

making the sandwich, ok, let me preface this with...everytime i make sandwiches, toasts, i will always always always put mayo, or peanut butter or butter from end to end. that's just my thing...end to end...and no i'm not trying to make up a saying like rachel ray...evoo. i'm just telling you in advance, that i will always say that because i want to make sure that every bite i take will be the same and have all the wonderful goodness of the right moisture or butteryness etc... so, i mayo both pieces of bread, and put in a hint of mustard and mix it into the mayo just a bit...i lay my meat down first. now i don't like to have tons of meat in my sandwiches because like i said earlier, its all about ratio and balance...too much meat to little bread isn't tasty to just keep that in mind. back to the meat, i like to fold it so its not completely pepper is next...i love black pepper, so i put a lot, then my thin onions...and put as much as you like, but let me just say, i may have put too much, because my mouth is hummin' right now. =) thank Jesus i don't have to kiss anyone. then i lay my cheese on loving and and for the ice berg lettuce, i fold it so it fits the size of the bread and creates different layers...another crunch factor right there! top it off with the other slice of bread and then cut my triangle! again...the tip is so much easier to get into your mouth! and of course...i have to eat all my sandwiches with something crunchy.

ever since i was small, i've always had this thing about textures and i constantly needed something crunchy when i'm eating. i remember growing up, eating chinese food, and i'd have a bag of cheetos or chips at the table...and every bite i'd take of my regular food was always followed with a crunch from my chips.

same goes with my sandwich...and i actuallly carefully plan it out so that i always alternate chips and sandwich...and the last bite, i always have one chip left...the perfect way to end my meal of eating a sandwich. =)

if you have some favorite sandwich places, please share them...i'm looking for somewhere i can get a really great sandwich! i remember giugni's in st. helena (napa valley) knew how to make a fantastic sandwich! i'd like to go up there now and see if i still feel the same way. well, i've finished my sandwich and its time for me to get to my other errands...hope you all have a fabulous day!


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